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Chicago from Navy Pier

Last weekend Kristyn and I went to Chicago for our wedding anniversary. We had a good deal of fun, making it to a Blue Man Group performance, to the Museum of Science and Industry, and, (as you may be able to tell from the above photo), Navy Pier. I always like visiting Chicago, in spite of how pricey it sometimes seems.

This time around, we went via Amtrak–me for the first time. I understand that Amtrak pales compared to rail travel in other countries, but I rather liked it. It was maybe a little bit more expensive than driving (or less, given how much I would have been driving around during the weekend), but it was also a lot less stressful. Instead of watching the road all the time, I could plug in my phone and read or catch up on social media stuff. I didn’t get my junk scanned or fondled by the TSA, and could move about more easily than on an aircraft. (Wonder how long that’s gonna last…) I think that, whenever I need to travel within the U.S. (excluding Alaska and/or Hawaii) and I don’t have a pressing need to get there lickety split, trains are how I’m gonna go.


Gary W. Olson is the author of the dark fantasy novel Brutal Light and a contributor to the dark fiction anthology Fading Light. His blog originates here. Photo: Gary W. Olson.

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New on my blog: Joomla out, Wordpress in--major site revamp this weekend!

It probably doesn't deserve an exclamation point, but whatever. If you drop by my site and it looks goofier than usual, or absent altogether, this is why. And if it looks, I dunno, wordpressier, this is also why. Once it's done, I'm hoping I can get my brainmeats refocused on writing.
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New on my blog: Links Con Queso

In other news: whee.
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New on my blog: Free Brutal Light Tie-In Short Story Now Available from Smashwords

Something You Should KnowThe story takes place a few months before the 'present day' action in Brutal Light, but it's more of a stand-alone story than an actual prequel. Click here to go directly to the Smashwords download page. If you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it!


Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:44 pm
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New on my blog: Gettin' Merry With It

The upshot: I'm taking next week off of blogging, updating, tweeting, and so on to write 'n chill 'n stuff. Yay.
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I'm over on Kelly A. Harmon's blog today, being interviewed on Brutal Light and other writerly topics. To mark the end of this virtual book tour, I'm giving away a free e-book edition of Brutal Light to a random commenter (who can choose between .mobi, .pdf, and .epub versions)!
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I'm over on Greg Chapman's blog today, being interviewed by him regarding my novel Brutal Light. Greg, meanwhile, is being interviewed by me on my blog here regarding his new novella The Noctuary. I'm pretty sure this paradox will tear apart the fabric of space and time, so you'd better get both our books before that happens...

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