Nov. 10th, 2011 01:28 pm
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If you're on Facebook, and are possessed of a sudden, unspeakable urge to like a page, do please consider mine.

(I'm suddenly possessed of an urge to come up with lyrics for a song called "Sit on My Facebook (and Tell Me That You Like Me)." Probably someone has already beaten me to it.)

And as long as I'm here and shilling, let me mention works by various other Damnation Books authors that are coming up for already here. No, better yet, let Tim Marquitz do it.

Special mention: Author Lincoln Crisler is looking to make the long trip to his hometown to do a book promotion tour, and is looking for some funding help. His Kickstarter page for this is here. Donate and get some really good books as a reward!
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Egad... didn't really mean to not post in so long. At least, not post *here*, as I've been cookin' on my writerly blog of writerly things. My Dreamwidth/Livejournal area was going to be All Stuff Outside of Writing, or, What's Eating Gary Now.

But... finding time's been tuff. Then things come along that catch my attention and don't let it go 'till it's all exhausted. Such as a shiny new Android-powered smartphone. Such as Amazon's Kindle, on said smartphone. Such as all the crap that's going on in the world right now, from Egypt to Wisconsin to Japan.

But somewhere in there I think I've found a way to reslice my waking hours so I can post here (as opposed to Facebook or Twitter) a little more often. So hopefully we can get reacquainted.

(By the way, this non-writerly journal is on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. If you, also, are on both, but are only connected to me on one, could you connect to me on the other as well? Otherwise it's weird and awkward and there's a chance of rickets.)

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So, I am 'getting hep' with what those groovy kids are into these days, and am on 'The Facebook.' Behold!


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