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New on my blog: a review of Haunting Blue by RJ Sullivan
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From my blog: Top Ten Ways for You, If You're a Writer, to Know When Your Series Should Have Ended
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Check out my interview of Sean A. Lusher, author of the new novella Liberation Road!
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Brutal Light cover

(click on the image for the larger version)

This incredible cover is by Dawné Dominique. I love it!

Also, I now have the schedule for the panels I will be on at Conclave. I posted it on my writerly blog here. Hope to see you there!

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Kristyn and I did make it to PenguiCon 2008 this year, though we only made it for Saturday evening through Sunday early afternoon. It was a good time, all told (and before you ask, I was entirely oblivious to this controversial activity). I picked up a couple intriguing books (Where's My Jetpack by Daniel H. Wilson, and Discarded Science by John Grant), saw a number of I-seem-to-see-them-only-at-con friends, and generally had a fun time.

But by far, the coolest thing that went on at PenguiCon 2008 was this (as captured in this YouTube video):

The Singing Tesla Coils

(Note: this is the first of what looks like a series of videos chronicling the Tesla Coils at Penguicon, which had concerts on both Friday and Saturday evenings.)


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