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I'm over on Kelly A. Harmon's blog today, being interviewed on Brutal Light and other writerly topics. To mark the end of this virtual book tour, I'm giving away a free e-book edition of Brutal Light to a random commenter (who can choose between .mobi, .pdf, and .epub versions)!
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I'm over on Sean A. Lusher's blog today, talking about seven books that made me weird(er). What books have messed with your head in these ways? Come share!

Also, while I'm here, I should mention Brutal Light is on Shelfari now... and so am I. You know, in case you feel like rating and reviewing.
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I'm over on Sally Franklin Christie's's blog today, being interviewed about Brutal Light and other writerly topics. Stop in and make various noises!

Also, Brutal Light is up on GoodReads now, in case you feel moved to rate and/or review it. Which would make me very happy, thus rendering me a puppet to your every wish. At least, that's how I think it works.
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I'm over on Lincoln Crisler's blog today, talking about the one bit of writing advice that I took most to heart since hearing it. (And no, it's not "write high, edit low.")

Also, while I'm here, I can now announce that print editions of Brutal Light are now available, from Amazon (U.S.), Amazon (Canada) and Note that if you want a print edition but don't want to go through an online seller, you can go to any local bookstore that does special ordering and order it using this ISBN: 978-1-61572-539-7.

Kindle users in the U.K. can now get the Kindle version from Amazon (U.K.).

Finally, two other Amazon-related announcements: I now have an author page on, and I have a Kindlegraph account for those of you who want free mouse-drawn autographs from me over an image of the cover art.
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I'm over on Lee Mathers's journal today, being interviewed regarding Brutal Light and other writerly topics. I'm covering some ground here not covered anywhere else, so be sure to check it out!
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I'm over on Tim Marquitz's blog today, going on about "Brutal Light and my Path to Dark Fantasy. Essentially it's my longform answer to the question of what drew me to write dark fantasy fiction in the first place. Stop by and say hi!
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I'm over on Greg Chapman's blog today, being interviewed by him regarding my novel Brutal Light. Greg, meanwhile, is being interviewed by me on my blog here regarding his new novella The Noctuary. I'm pretty sure this paradox will tear apart the fabric of space and time, so you'd better get both our books before that happens...
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Today is publication day for Brutal Light, and I'm going on a virtual book tour! Which is just like a real tour, except I don't have to wear sanitary plastic gloves, or one of those little white breathing mask things. Or pants.

Here's the list of everywhere I'll be over the next ten days. Please re-order your lives accordingly.

The tour has already kicked off! I'm over on Haunting Blue author RJ Sullivan's blog today, nattering on about the story behind how Brutal Light came to be. Do stop by and natter at us!

Oh, and in case I haven't been larding on the self-promotion too thickly of late (I try not to, I really do, but some days...), here are two links that lead directly to where you can buy Brutal Light. One is for the Kindle version, direct from, and the other is for my publisher, Damnation Books, which sells the e-books in .mobi, .pdf, .epub, and .pdb formats. There will be a print (trade paperback) edition, available from,, and special ordering from bookstores; I'll post when those are available.
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New on my blog: Brutal Light Debuts Tomorrow--Here's Where to Find It

Where my debut dark fantasy novel Brutal Light will be available, and where in some cases you may have to wait for a bit. Good times!
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A new post on my blog: Get Yer Red Hot Links Here!

It includes assorted links concerning my upcoming novel Brutal Light, including its listing on the website (which includes a short excerpt--the first online so far!). It also features links to excerpts and stories posted by other DB authors in recent days, plus assorted other things I find informative and/or fun.

Just 9 days to go!


Nov. 10th, 2011 01:28 pm
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If you're on Facebook, and are possessed of a sudden, unspeakable urge to like a page, do please consider mine.

(I'm suddenly possessed of an urge to come up with lyrics for a song called "Sit on My Facebook (and Tell Me That You Like Me)." Probably someone has already beaten me to it.)

And as long as I'm here and shilling, let me mention works by various other Damnation Books authors that are coming up for already here. No, better yet, let Tim Marquitz do it.

Special mention: Author Lincoln Crisler is looking to make the long trip to his hometown to do a book promotion tour, and is looking for some funding help. His Kickstarter page for this is here. Donate and get some really good books as a reward!
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(Edit 12/1/2011 -- updated link to 'final' version.)
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Brutal Light cover

(click on the image for the larger version)

This incredible cover is by Dawné Dominique. I love it!

Also, I now have the schedule for the panels I will be on at Conclave. I posted it on my writerly blog here. Hope to see you there!

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(Note: this version of the trailer doesn't have the cover art for the book; that will be incorporated when it is finished. Go here if you are so moved to sign up for the newsletter.)

(Edit: 10/10/2011: I've substituted the link to version 2.0 of the trailer, which was updated to include the cover art.)

(Edit: 12/1/2011: I've substituted the link to the final version of the trailer, which removes the newsletter enticement text and updates some other text.)
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Over on my writerly blog, A Taste of Strange, author Kathryn Meyer Griffith is guest blogging The Story of Vampire Blood, the story behind her 1991 novel "Vampire Blood" (which is now available, rewritten by Kathryn and reissued by Damnation Books). Do please check it out!

In other news that may be of interest to a few reading this, there's a new anthology open for submissions, looking for stories on the dark side of people with superpowers. Open until October 1st!


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